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Friendship and good relations with Turkey are in Europe's interest; says President Erdogan


ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Europe's good relations and friendship with Turkey goes in its own advantage and gain, it is also clear that Turkey is with Europe but it should not be considered as Turkey's weakness.


He said this while in a meeting with senior EU officials at the presidential palace in Ankara, where European Commission President Ursula von der and European Council President Charles Mitchell arrived in Turkey today for a two-day visit, and they were received by President Erdogan at the Presidential Palace.


Top EU officials have said that Europe wants to pursue a strong friendship and a positive agenda with Turkey. Europe wants a new agreement with Turkey on economic cooperation and on the issue of refugees. It is to be noted that differences have arisen between Turkey and the European Union on some issues.


European Council President Charles Mitchell said that future relations between Turkey and Europe were discussed with President Erdogan, while European Commission President Ursula von der Der said that a new era of relations with Turkey was discussed.


Charles Mitchell said that there were differences with Turkey on the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean, but the talks between Greece and Turkey and the arrival of the Greek Foreign Minister in Turkey have significantly reduced tensions, which is a positive development. He also assured that the issue of Greek and Turkish Cyprus would be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions.


He said that the EU has interests in security and law and order in the Eastern Mediterranean but Europe does not want to end relations with Turkey because the EU understands that Turkish interests are important in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Top EU officials also spoke openly with President Erdogan about Libya. Charles Mitchell said that Europe appreciates Turkey's role in Libya. It is Turkey's efforts to create a conducive environment for re-election in Libya, but it has called for the immediate withdrawal of mercenaries from various countries. He said that as long as there are mercenaries from different countries in Libya, lasting peace cannot be maintained.


President Erdogan called on the European Union to work for the permanent elimination of terrorism and peace and stability. He said that Europe should increase cooperation with Turkey in various fields including corona vaccine.


European Commission President Ursula von der said that Turkey is Europe's largest trading partner. He stressed the need to increase trade between Europe and Turkey. He said that the EU would address the issues and challenges of the Customs Union in order to boost trade with Turkey. The European Union has begun preliminary work in this regard.

President Erdogan made it clear to the European Union that Turkey is ready to join the European block and this is Turkey's final decision. He called on the European Union to take concrete steps in this regard as Turkey does not want to leave Europe under any circumstances.


President Erdogan said that Turkey is a part of Europe and Turkey sees its future with the European Union. President Erdogan expressed hope that the European Union would take concrete steps to join the Turkish block this year.


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