Thu, May
60 Yeni Haber

First D8 Youth Summit commences in Bangladesh.


DHAKA: The first D8 Youth Summit 2021 held in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh in which Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria and Turkey are participating, while the topic of summit was Achieving Sustainable Change for Youth through Business.


Pakistan was represented by Government Leader Usman Dar, who presented a model for providing employment to the youth under the Successful Youth Program and said that the Government of Pakistan has launched the largest project for youth empowerment. He said that business loans worth Rs. 100 billion were being provided for employment generation. He said that Skilled Pakistan program was underway worth Ten billion rupees.

Usman Dar called for the formation of a joint youth council for the youth of the member countries and said that mutual exchange programs for the youth in the member countries would be beneficial and the establishment of a digital youth portal from the D8 platform would be beneficial for the youth of the member countries.

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