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KASSAK Commission President Kurt met with Ahmet Özal for breakfast


Meeting with Ahmet Özal, son of our 8th President, the late Turgut Özal, at the breakfast organized by ASIAD,

the Chairman of the KASSAK Commission, Salih Kurt, had a pleasant conversation.

President Kurt, who repeatedly underlined that our late President had important services to our villages such as roads, electricity and water, remembered the late Turgut Özal with mercy.

Ahmet Özal, the son of our 8th President, the late Turgut Özal, who is entrusted to the Turkish nation, stated that our country has gone through difficult events in the past and that our late President Turgut Özal's transition to a free market economy is an important reform, and he noted that today's progress is the important role of trade routes opening to Europe.

ASIAD Vice President and KASSAK Commission member Fahri Yagli stated that a relative from Europe gave him an allowance of 10 dollars in his youth, and that he was worried about being arrested because he hid 10 dollars before the transition period to the free market economy during that periods when it was forbidden to carry foreign currency, and he caused smiles.

ASIAD President Yücel Yalçınkaya thanked KASSAK Commission Chairman Salih Kurt and our 8th President's son Ahmet Özal and expressed his gratitude to our guest of honor Ahmet Özal for their participation in the meeting.

Chairman of the KASSAK Commission, Salih Kurt, thanked Ahmet Özal for the candid images with him and continued his words as follows:

“Because we are in a difficult geography in terms of the region we live in, it is the greatest obligation after Islam for the saintly Turkish Nation to know its glorious history well, considering that our past statesmen and current administrators faced very serious difficulties while governing our country and our state, and the struggles they gave for our future generations. For this reason, as Kaşgarlı Mahmud stated in Divan-ı Lügat'it Türk, written in 1072, it is Allah's promise to humanity that the elected Turkish Nation will guide history and the future with justice, tolerance and sweet words. For this reason, we commemorate all our statesmen, especially our 8th President, the late Turgut Özal, with respect and love.” said.

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