Sat, Jan
5 Yeni Haber

TINGADER Chairman canceled his visit to Isparta Police Chief.


Chairman Mehmet Ali Çelik stated that as TINGADER management,

they unilaterally canceled their visit to the newly appointed Isparta Provincial Police Chief Ahmet Metin Turanlı due to the following issues.

The silence of the Isparta Police Chief against the murders committed by 4 people and Hüseyin Aybatili, and who is wanted as the murder suspect of Ali Kurt, was shown as the reason for the cancellation of the visit.

As is known to the public, it is stated that the murderer Hüseyin Aybatılı and his father Mehmet Aybatlı, who was the former mayor, were also involved in many crimes.

Source: Mehmet Ali Celik, Chairman of TINGADER

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