Tue, Nov
2 Yeni Haber

The President of the KASSAK Commission was included in the historical movie


The KASSAK Commission had a large place in the first film about of the treacherous coup attempt on 15 July.

KASSAK Commission President Salih KURT was widely featured as 'Project Consultant' in the first film titled “Blood Falling in the Soil”, shot because of terrorism and the treacherous coup attempt of July 15, which received the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities and the TR Presidency.

President KURT: “The extensive coverage as the President of the Commission of myself and our Commission, in such an important historical motion picture will enable, I believe it would be conducive that our esteemed Commission members to work more efficiently in the international arena.” said.

President Salih KURT: "We hope that the movie 'July 15 - Blood Falling in the Soil' will be beneficial for our country." said.

President KURT: “I fully believe that our KASSAK Commission will begin to do its duties duly in the international arenas in a short period of time, with the approval of our TR President.” said.

President Salih KURT wished success to the producer, director, and technical staff of the movie 'Blood Falling in the Soil'.

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