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Chairman of the KASSAK Commission Salih KURT: “Our commission continues to receive the support of

international non-governmental organizations from Peshawar to Ukraine, from Israel to Baku.” he said.

Commission President Kurt: “It is clearly known that countries that are preparing for the transition to the industrial revolution, such as Industry 5.0, have committed very serious war crimes that disturb the peace of the world in order to meet their large-scale energy consumption.” said.

President Salih KURT: "Especially Industry 5.0, followed by a transition of many countries in preparation, with the logic 'divide, smash, lead', using some small terrorist groups, selecting target countries that cannot fully bring their energy resources to the surface, such as Syria, Libya and Yemen, has taken its place in history as a stale tactic of the last few centuries." he said.

"With the sharing and insufficiency of many resources in the Middle East and Asian countries, and the developed countries that are dependent on Industry 5.0 looking for new targets and resources, set their sights on the Caucasus basin, and 2 Karabakh Wars took place. Industry 5.0 Countries, which made calculations for the post-war period, have committed many war crimes against Ajerbaijan and crimes against humanity that are beyond reason, in order not to be condemned to Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey as the only guarantor country in energy.

When those who gave all kinds of tactical and weapon support to the Armenian state understood that they would not be able to gain superiority against the Azerbaijani soldiers at the front, mass murders were committed by destroying historical textures, destroying natural resources, historical bridges, places of worship, targeting unarmed civilians and civilian living areas, and it was aimed to stop the Azerbaijani army.

However, in a short time, the 2nd Karabakh war resulted in a great superiority of Azerbaijan.

Contrary to the perception operation carried out by the Armenians, the Karabakh War Crimes Investigation Commission, which was established in a short time upon the request of the Azerbaijani state officials working in the region, received wide coverage in the world media with the participation of representatives from 36 countries of the world.

Against me personally, with various attacks on our commission from powerful Armenian lobbies, upon our Commission's request to be disbanded; Turkic Language Diaspora from Ukraine, Hijran Abdullayev, Historian Prof Dr Oleq Yuriyevic from Russia, and Prof Dr Hikmət Ramixanov from Azerbaijan, the letters of support written by them and they forwarded to be presented to our President, we share with the public.

I would especially like to thank Prof Dr Hikmət Ramixanov, who communicated with me personally and reminded me of the following words of Yavuz Sultan Selim Han:

“Padişah-ı âlem olmak bir kuru kavga imiş, bir veliye bende olmak cümleden ala imiş.”

[(I understood) Being the sultan of the world is an empty fight. Best of all, it was connecting to a friend of God.]

As KASSAK President and delegation, to work in the field in a short time, we request an appointment to our TR President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, both to provide information and to get his approval.” said.


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