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Bor Mine and The Facts


TINGADER's guest this week was Prof. Mr. Dr. Adnan Çalık. Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Yalvaç Applied Sciences Faculty Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Adnan Çalık,

who was a guest of the program within the framework of the weekend meetings made traditional by TINGADER, evaluated the boron mine in four main groups, he gave a magnificent 1.5-hour videoconference in a very plain and fluent manner on some issues that were not known or misunderstood by the public:

1- Boron mine production sites,
2- Bor mine areas in the world and in Turkey,
3- Contribution of boron mine to the economy,
4- Research, Development and Application centers in Boron Mine Processing

Stating that 75 of the world boron reserves are in Anatolian lands, Prof. Adnan Çalık stated that this mine located in Kırka, Emet, Hisarcık and Bigadiç districts and within the provincial borders of Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Kütahya is very valuable, also he stated that if it is done, costs such as reservation, transportation and transportation will be profitable.

Stating that especially the boron mine is used in approximately 400 different areas, Mr. Çalık, although was noted that at the desired level of contribution to Turkey budget.

Moreover, in the glass and ceramics industry, agriculture, industrial laboratory size, hydrogen energy, battery production, as well as making significant contributions in the correlation of HUMAN-SOIL-BOR, especially in the production of bone powder for humans, he stated that as the main sectors where bor is used.

Also in agriculture, the military and security industry, thermal power plants, metal-bearing structures walking or load, gears, particularly on anti-wear armor duty and flame retardant properties of the stone, he said preventing corrosion on automotive sheet metal industry.

Stating that valuable organizations such as BOREN, Eti Maden and also TÜBİTAK play a leading role, Mr. Çalık, "We send it to the world markets as raw materials, even if the semi-finished products are sent as processed products, we also import them as processed, on the condition that they are not exaggerated." he said.

Related to boron mine in 135 countries and related countries in the world, stating that he examined production, fabrication, automation and bearings, Prof Calik said as he is thinking "How can I contribute to my Holy Homeland?", he stated that working in synchronization of MTA, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and other relevant institutions and organizations in this field will provide more efficiency and speed up the works.

Speaking in a limited time, Mr. Çalık answered the questions of the participants one by one.

As the TINGADER family, after the speech of thanks by the President Mehmet Ali ÇELİK, the final finish, as usual, was made with the poem TINGADER General Secretary Hasan Sadi KAHYAOĞLU wrote himself.

In the program, where the audience participated widely, messages of great appreciation came to the veteran journalist Müslüm AKTÜRK, Vice President of TINGADER and program moderator.


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