We Condemn the Cursed Provocateur Loannis Lagos Who Disrespected Our Flag


As Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK says

Peace in home Peace in the World. We are a nation who wrote Peace in history with golden letters.

ATATÜRK, who raised the flag of Greece laid under Ataturk's feet after the invasion of Izmir, said that the nation cannot be trampled, and the importance of the honor and the honor of the flag representing the Nations in the world in war and peace.

While this was the case, the killing of a Greek soldier who attempted to lower the Turkish Flag in 1996 while climbing the flagpole caused the Kardak cliffs crisis.

Upon the incident, the Turkish Chief of General Staff, I, Organeral Doğan Güreş, said to the Prime Minister of the time, Tansu Çiller, let us, let's have our breakfast this morning, in Athens.

The fact that Tansu Çiller, the prime minister of the period, took a peaceful attitude is the occasion that the Greek flag continues to fluctuate in the sky of Greece.

They may have misled that the struggle of a group of Turkish soldiers in Libya and Syria divided the power of the Turkish Army.

If the heroic members of the glorious Turkish army, together put a bullet in Greece, there would be no Greek state.

They should not forget that if the Turkish Army gets into a war with anger, the states of America and Russia, whom they trust so much, will be in trouble of saving their lives.

As our President said, no one should try to test the Turkish Army, the Turkish Army gives confidence to the friend, and does not give a chance to his enemy.

As a Press Member of the European Parliament, I request that such racist proxies be expelled from the European Parliament.

Like my ancestors Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, like my ancestors Fatih Sultan Mehmet HAN. Like my ancestors Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, likemy President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, I say that peace should not disturb you!

Give up your attitudes and behaviors that try to disturb the peace of the Turkish army and the Turkish nation.

Like the unrest caused by the Jews, if God wills, CC will destroy you in the hands of a Nazi.

You will drown in lakes that you turn into a blood lake.

I, as the press member of TRTAJANS, the European Parliament Representing World Peace, say Peace, I want you to distance yourself from those who disrupt Peace.

Best regards, I greet you.