United Nations officials


Dear United Nations officials;

How quiet will you be to the US destruction on Earth;

Yesterday; Kuwait, Iraq; Today; Syria, Libya, Past; Puerto Rico, Canada (1867), Ireland (1916), Afghanistan (1919), South Africa;

See, which of these States is not from the influence of colonialism.

The underground sources of wealth of these states, which were revolted as freedom, freedom and civilization, were taken away from their sovereignty. people are condemned to starvation;

The underground wealth of these nations in refugee status continues to be used by other countries.

cheap human power and poverty broke the backbone of these nations.

As a press diplomat, I say that don't remain silent on this destruction and genocide;

A possible Iran, the US war, which has probably begun, means more blood, more poor people, more refugees.

You think that I will come to you a Allah revelation;

Don't expect a miracle;

Do not think that a strong state leader will take you as your interlocutor;

Bride listen to the voice of the people;

We are TRTAJANS World Peace Press Diplomat, Researcher journalists;

Pay attention to our rhetoric, and your peace ambassadors ensure coordination between countries;

Fulfill the responsibility you take, go beyond talking.

Let your peace representatives provide inter-country shuttle and peace;

The world will find peace.

Turkey is the world's scales of justice. It is the bridge of the world;

in consultation with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice provides;

Turkey is the world's bridge.

Peace and Peace Comes with Turkey.

Do not support hafter in Libya to give support to Turkey;

Learn negotiations between Iran and the United States and Reconciliation Solution for Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's views.