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A commission has been established to investigate and unearth the war crimes committed by the Armenians who brutally murdered Azerbaijani Turks by invading Karabakh.

The World Turkish Journalists Association came together with a live broadcast from Azerbaijan during the visit of Azerbaijani journalists to Zengilan. In the program moderated by veteran journalist Müslüm Aktürk, the genocides committed by the Armenians were the subject.

Journalist Asif MEMMODOV Bey and the Azerbaijani Presidency officials, who were in Zengilan to make an investigation after the Azerbaijan Victory, attended the meeting via telephone conversation due to the fact that they could not be located in a safe place in the region, Salih Kurt, President of the World Turkish Writers Union, Humbod University Dipl. Pedagogue, Educational Scientist Abdulkadir İnaltekin and Atatürk University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Prof. Dr. Kerem KARABULUT took the floor as speakers.

Speaking at the session where the genocides committed by the Armenians were examined extensively, Abdulkadir İnaltekin said:

"The changing regime in Russia with the October 17 revolution caused the Armenians to become stronger in the Caucasus. Armenian gangs Hinchak-Dashnak groups committed massacres in weak places. The event is not limited with Azerbaijan, we also recognize 3T, reach the point of compensation and land sharing and other minorities being targeted by changing the status of the territorial integrity of Turkey.

Armenians are provided with housing laws migration of the Armenians in Turkey 51 provinces. Thanks to the current government, it is possible to access very serious documents, many documents from the Ottoman archives over the internet.

Armenians were settled in the lands where Azerbaijani citizens were taken out. The presence of Azerbaijani citizens, which is 85%, has been reduced to 1%. Azerbaijanis were forced to migrate out of fear and intimidation. Armenians were always supported by Russia because they are Orthodox. In the famous Nakhichevan genocide, hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani citizens, including 32 villages in Yerevan, 84 villages in its district, 7 villages in Yenibeyazıt district and 97 villages in other regions, were forced to migrate from their places under the title of Ethnic cleansing. Armenians did not do this alone. Russia supported it militarily, politically and economically. People's facial skins are stripped alive. They committed a crime against humanity. Modern international crimes against humanity laws today unfortunately justify the strong. On December 23, 1947, a decision was made in the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union to force Azerbaijanis to migrate.

Russia will stay in Karabakh for 5 years. With its 5000 soldiers, Russia has established a base in Armenia. He also has 3000 soldiers in Karabakh.

Khojaly is actually a town the size of Yalova. It became a symbol of the national ideology. He got ahead of Shusha in this sense. If we say Karabakh, we start with Khojaly first. Khojaly should have been taken in this sense. It is not enough to win only on the mat, we should have won at the table. Unfortunately, we could not achieve this.

Turkey kept outside the borders of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan. We have 35 specially trained soldiers and our commander is in control of that region approximately 15 km away from Karabakh.

A corridor opens from Nakhichevan, Aghdam and somewhere else. However, Russia will be responsible for the control of these corridors. The Azerbaijani army has shown a success. It showed the world that it has the power to clear Armenia from its lands. Of course there behind Turkey's support. Sometimes, even if you win, you cannot achieve the desired victory at the table. These corridors will take some time to open.

The peace agreement started to cause disturbance in some parts of Azerbaijan as well. Azerbaijan and Turkey tried to resolve the problem through peace for 30 years. However, Armenians were the party that broke the peace with the support of both Russia and Iran. "

Another speaker, Prof. Dr. Kerem KARABULUT emphasized that it was the Russians who invaded Karabakh and continued his words as follows:

“Even now, Russia continues its occupation. Russia can never give up on Armenia. One of Iran in the region, with Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Middle East, point of contact with the Turkish World, will be the base for economic development and opening of the Armenian corridor are Nahcivan- Azerbaijan Turkey.

The foundation was laid with the Gulistan Treaty in 1813, reinforced with the Turkmen Stream in 1828 and

The current conjuncture is to support the separation of the Azerbaijanis in Iran and to put oil on America's bread. Iran has been our rival since history. But in the current conjuncture, it is not our enemy.

It's hurtful to have the Russians there. Since it is symbolic, I think that an agreement should be made on the table with Russia not to settle Armenians in Khojaly.

Three of the corridor in separate places .. Zangezur corridor corridor of 30 km will connect Azerbaijan with Turkey. Russians will ensure security, Armenians will not dominate the region. The Kars-Iğdır-Nakhichevan railway connection is also being opened. The Turkish World connection will be strengthened. Iran does not allow such a corridor to be opened. Iran does not want such a corridor to be opened politically. The opening of this corridor of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkish world means further strengthening. With the opening of the Zengezur corridor alone, our foreign trade potential, which is 2 billion 500 million, reaches around 10 billion.

Azerbaijan and Turkey as a whole.


Chairman Salih Kurt, the host of the session, thanked the valuable speakers and participants who clarified the issues not mentioned elsewhere here, and expressed the following:

“Azerbaijan is not the only target of massacres and genocides. Turkey until the 1920s, including the Agreement Gyumri, the Armenian nation has also never been in a thriller. Armenia could not be a state on its own. It is under the command of Russia. It depends on Russia's economy and technology rather than developing its own economy and technology. This shows that similar tensions will be experienced in the coming years. We, as the Turkish World, need to take political, economic and technological measures against this. Genocide is not a problem of Turkish society alone, it is a problem of all humanity. It is a source of shame for humanity. All humanity has to offer a solution to this problem. "


Azerbaijani Turkish journalist Asif MEMMODOV, who attended the session live by phone from Zengilan, stated that they saw that the Armenians in the region left behind a great destruction and said:

"I greet you from the Zengilan land of Azerbaijan. While the Armenians evacuated these lands, they inflicted economic and environmental damage on these lands. We saw this. With many genocides, such as the Khojaly genocide, Armenians committed cruelty unprecedented in life. Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood with these atrocities will never be allowed to. Azerbaijan is a powerful state. Turkey and Azerbaijan 2 folks are not two states, one nation, one state.


Firdovsi Əliyev, the Deputy Minister of Ecology, appointed by the Presidency of Azerbaijan, was connected to the conference by phone.

Deputy Minister made a request from Salih KURT, President of the World Turkish Writers Association.

Azerbaijan and the world are following your work, he said that an organization should be held under your leadership.

Deputy Minister continues his words as follows;

   Turkey under the leadership of a joint commission with Azerbaijan stressed the need to establish.

  He said to the world that we should announce to the world the genocide of destroying the historical cults of Armenians during the last Karabakh wars.

President KURT immediately started working on this.

The program ended after expressing thanks to the speakers and participants.




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