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Erdogen with Serbian president, Vucis to discuss Bosnia


"We have agreed to bring together Serb, Croat and Bosnian leaders and solve the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended a press conference on Tuesday with Aleksandar Vucic, Serbian president.

"International community must act together to overcome the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina." We aim to bring an end to tensions in Bosnia using a positive approach," he also added."If such an approach is realized on a win-win basis, Turkey will do everything it can."

The Turkish leader also underlined Turkey's respect towards Bosnia's territorial integrity, emphasizing the dangers of ethnic divide in the restive Balkan state.

"I have told Mr Vucic that Turkey fully respects Bosnia and Herzegovina's territorial integrity," he said.

President Vucic also underlined that Belgrade highly respects the territorial integrity of neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Turkey and Serbia recently increased their trade volume to $2 billion, adding that the two countries' next goal is to reach $5 billion, Erdogan.

Vucic exclaimed that Serbia's trade volume with Turkiye had reached its "best momentum in history."

Last month, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar also said that” Turkey is ready to act as a mediator on the political crisis in Bosnia- Herzegovina” and will do what it can to ensure stability amid concerns over separatist moves by Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik.

According to the Defense Ministry, Akar held an official meetup this week with his Bosnian counterpart, the Bosnian presidency, and other officials.

"We view Bosnia-Herzegovina as a whole. We have done all we can for its unity and stability, and we will continue to do so," Akar told reporters after his talks, referring to its Bosniak, Croat and Serb peoples making up one nation.

The surge in separatist rhetoric in Bosnia-Herzegovina does not serve any party, Akar also said Monday during his visit to the country.

"We believe the separatist rhetoric in Bosnia-Herzegovina benefits no one," he told a joint news conference with his Bosnian counterpart Sifet Podzic in the capital Sarajevo.

"We're following the situation closely. We invite the relevant parties to reason sensibly and act prudently. He said that existing and potential problems could also be resolved through negotiations and peaceful means,” said Akar.







Export figures for December 2021 and data for 2021 were announced at the meeting held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş and President of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) İsmail Gülle.


TİNGADER Istanbul Provincial President Nihan Ozdemir participated in the meeting of "Explanation of Foreign Trade Figures for the Year 2021" as the guest of İsmail Gülle, President of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM).


The meeting, attended by Istanbul Provincial President Nihan Ozdemir and Provincial Secretary Yasemin Kurt on behalf of TİNGADER, took place in a pleasant atmosphere with the jokes of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


President Nihan Ozdemir, who exchanged views with the guests from time to time, answered curious questions about NGOs and TİNGADER. TİNGADER Istanbul Provincial Secretary Yasemin Kurt said: “We would like to thank our President and TİM President for their kind invitations.” said.


Making the opening speech at the meeting, TİM President Gulle said, “We are in a new league now. To be permanent in this new league we are in, and we must achieve economies of scale. To keep up with large orders and large-scale works, we must rapidly implement new investments. We have sectors that make these investments. We expect the same breakthrough from all our sectors. Our goal is to be among the top 5 countries in the world in design.” said.

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN gave details about Export Figures.

 We did not have close contact with the Turkish economy.

 Turkey has been one of the two countries that closed 2020 with growth.

 As of October 2021, the Turkish economy created 2 million additional jobs compared to the pre-pandemic period.

 Although the epidemic started as a health crisis, it negatively affected every aspect of our lives, from the economy to tourism and from education to human relations.

 Countries that made good use of the global crisis periods made a giant leap economically.

 While people are losing, retired, civil servants losing tradespeople; The elite minority benefiting from the crisis continued to increase their wealth. We broke it. With the reforms, we freed the Turkish economy from shackles.

 The secret of the success of the Turkish economy in the last two years is hidden in great change. The Turkish economy has come to the position of managing the crises.

 Our total exports for 2021 increased by 32.9 percent compared to the previous year and amounted to 225 billion 368 million dollars.

 We increased our foreign trade volume, which was only 87.6 billion dollars in 2002, to 496.7 billion dollars in 2021.

 We reached the highest export value in the history of the Republic in the product group of 75 chapters to which exports are made.

 With these figures, Turkey has had a say in world trade.

The number of countries with which we trade in Turkish Lira is increasing. Don't forget the Turkish Lira; our money is significant. In 2021, the number of countries we export to in Turkish Lira increased to 205 countries.

 Do you know where the highest export growth is? America. Turkey has achieved this as well.

 Our foreign trade deficit decreased by 7.8 percent compared to the previous year and decreased to 45.9 billion dollars, while the ratio of exports to imports increased to 83.1 percent.

 Our exports increased by 86.6 percent to South America, 29 percent to non-EU European countries, 22.6 percent to the Near and Middle East, and 44.8 percent to North Africa.

 We set our 2022 economic growth target as 5 percent.

 (Export target) We are revising our 2022 targets as 250 billion dollars.


Automotive in total Exports, Steel leader in the Highest Increase

 When he examined the performance of the sectors in 2021, 26 sectors increased their exports. While the automotive industry sector, which realized exports of 29.3 billion dollars, took the first place, the chemical materials and products industry reached 25.3 billion dollars, and the steel industry, which reached 22.4 billion dollars, came third. In terms of the sector, the most remarkable increases were experienced in steel, which increased its exports by 9.7 billion dollars compared to the same month of the previous year, chemical materials and products, which increased by 7.1 billion dollars, and iron and non-ferrous metals, which increased 4.1 billion dollars.

 The Highest Export to Germany, the Highest Increase to the USA

 In 2021, exporters managed to fly the Turkish flag in 229 countries and regions while increasing their exports to 184 countries. Annual export records were broken in 112 countries, including Germany, the USA, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. The top 3 countries exporters exported the most in 2021; Germany with $19.33 billion, the United States with $14.73 billion and the United Kingdom with $13.71 billion. Countries with the highest increase in exports based on amount; the USA with an increase of $ 4.54 billion, Italy with an increase of $ 3.40 billion, and Germany with an increase of $ 3.35 billion.

78 Provinces Increased their Exports

 In 2021, 78 provinces increased their exports. Forty-eight provinces broke the annual export record. The first three provinces with the highest export in 2021; Istanbul with 88.9 billion dollars, Kocaeli with 17.3 billion dollars and Bursa with 15 billion dollars. According to the declarations filed in Turkish Lira, exports to 198 countries and regions amounted to 70.8 billion TL in total in 2021. Exports in the Turkish Lira increased by 48 percent.

 The other 2021 Export Figures announced were as follows:

 101 thousand 38 companies’ export. More than 32 thousand companies joined the export family. Companies that started exporting in 2021 realized an export of 3.7 billion dollars—exported to 229 countries. Exports to 184 countries were increased. A record was broken in exports to 123 countries. More than 1 billion dollars were exported to 46 countries. Seventy-eight provinces increased their exports. Forty-eight sections broke export records. Twenty-one provinces exceeded the 1 billion dollar threshold in exports. 26 of 27 sectors increased their exports. Twenty sectors broke export records. The exports of 23 sectors exceeded 1 billion dollars. Exports in Turkish Lira increased by 48% and reached 70.8 billion TL. Service exports increased by 62 percent in the January-October period and exceeded 46 billion dollars.


  • ORCAY29.14 9.96%
  • NIBAS13.81 9.95%
  • HUBVC10.07 9.93%
  • DOBUR103.10 9.91%
  • MTRYO1.70 7.59%


  • KRGYO7.04 -9.97%
  • AGYO2.90 -9.38%
  • MARKA3.94 -7.29%
  • EKIZ6.90 -5.99%
  • IHAAS11.02 -5.25%


  • THYAO24.86 4.02%
  • EREGL30.20 -2.14%
  • GARAN11.48 0.26%
  • SISE14.85 3.05%
  • KRDMD10.59 2.82%














“Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul freight train would prove to be a game-changer in the region and would boost trade among the three countries,” said Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

 Freight train project for Pakistan, Turkey and Iran from Islamabad railway station on December 21, 2021.

Tuesday 21,2021 will be marked as the historic day as Three countries, Pakistan-Iran-Turkey, reunited after the halt of 10 Years. Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister Pakistan Railway Azam Khan Swati, and Turkey’s ambassador Mustafa Yardakul Inaugurated the Freight train service between Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul and called this service a game-changer in the region.

“Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul Freight train service would be a game-changer and will increase the trading among the region,” said Minister Qureshi

. “We have opened our trade routes, and it is an excellent opportunity for importers and exporters. “He added

The idea of Freight service between three countries was brought up a decade before in August 2009 as a project under the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), An Asian Trade Block of 10 countries. But unfortunately, we couldn’t succeed due to some delaying process from Pakistan Side. In 2020, during a ministerial meeting of ECO member states, the decision was taken to resume ITI cargo service again.

It is estimated that the train will take 14 days to complete the one-side trip of nearly 6,656 kilometres. This cargo train has a maximum capacity of twenty 40-feet containers, containing 80,000 tons of goods.

Turkey’s ambassador to Pakistan, Mustafa Yurdakul, was also present during the historic inauguration ceremony; he said the resumption of the cargo train service is a vital move part of the ECO framework and vision.