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Just 3 villages were liberated in Ukraine

      According to the information shared by the Ukrainian authorities and official organizations, the Russian army intensified its attacks on the east of the country on the 63rd day of the war:
According to the statement made by the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russians, who carried out attacks in the Kharkiv region, occupied two settlements in the city of Izyum one village in Severodonetsk regions .
On the other hand,Ukrainian soldiers prevented Russian army attacks in the Mykolaiv region and regained control in 3 settlements.
Also in the Kherson region, 3 villages were liberated by Ukrainian soldiers.
Luhansk Governor Sergey affirmed that the Gorskaya settlement was under fire with grad missiles, and many houses were destroyed and damaged.
Adding that ''transformer center '' in Gosrskaya was also hit and according to the first determinations, one civilian died in the attacks.
Gayday noted that the school in Lisichansk, in which 23 civilians were hiding, was shot down by Russian attacks, there was no loss of life, and 1 civilian died in the attack in the Privolye region.
Donetsk Governor Pavel Kirilenko announced that the Russians put a white phosphorus bomb on the city of Avdiyivka.
Kirilenko reported too that a factory was hit at night and an apartment in the morning.
As Azovstal Metallurgical Factory in Mariupol, where Ukrainian soldiers continued their resistance, was also bombarded during the night.
Sources :Anadolu agency
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