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North Korea as a leader of Disarmament Group of UN


North Korea has temporarily taken over as head of a top nuclear disarmament forum at the United Nations

An outraged started after the announcement of North Korea as a leader of a disarmament group. A number of NGO’s decided to protest against this critical decision of UN.

UN has banned the testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles and has sanctioned countries including North Korea. But earlier in this year, North Korea was accused of testing these missiles, which is the clear violation of armament policy. Also, after the visit of Biden in their neighborhood South Korea & Japan, Northern Korea tested several missiles.

 However, North Korea will lead the forum for upcoming three weeks next three weeks. The conference on Disarmament - held three times a year at the UN headquarters in Geneva. The opening session on Thursday saw Western states - many of whom wield sanctions against Pyongyang- release a joint statement condemning North Korea's aggression this year.

 "We remain gravely concerned about the DPRK's reckless actions which continue to seriously undermine the very value of the Conference on Disarmament", said Australia's ambassador, on behalf of a coalition of countries.

Responding to the appointment, the US said it prompted questions over the forum's effectiveness.

“The choice to stay was not to be interpreted as "tacit consent" of North Korea's record.” Amanda Gorely, Australian ambassador

 According to North Korea's ambassador, His nation's claims of self-defense necessitating its militarization, and said it remained committed to contributing to global disarmament.

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