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Trabzonspor wins Turkish Premier League title


  For the seventh time in its history after a draw with Antalya Spor with two goals for the likes of them in the 35th round

   Trabzonspor won the Turkish Premier League title for the seventh time in its history after an absence of nearly four decades, after a draw against antalya spur with two goals like them, in the 35th round.

  Trabzonspor entered the game with an attacking structure translated by Andreas Cornlois into the goal three minutes from the start following a ball passed by Abdelkader Omar and followed by the Danish striker inside the goal.

  Trabzon missed the chance to double the score on more than one occasion, with a goal that Senegalese San Ndao gave Antalya Spur a 51st minute equaliser.


  Trabzon's dreams of clinching the title almost evaporated with Antalya receiving a penalty in the 56th minute, had it not been for goalkeeper Ogrkan Sakir countering The Angolan Freddy's shot and keeping things under his team's control.


  Just five minutes later, Trabzon managed to regain the lead with a second goal, which came after a series of passes that Abdelkader Omar ended with a very impressive ball to Dorokan Tokuz, who did not hesitate to deposit the net.


   With the 80th minute of the game, Antalya managed to equalise again through striker Haji Wright, who took advantage of poor coverage from the Trabzonspor defence and caught the ball in goal.


   Trabzonspor took the lead three rounds before the end of the season after raising its tally to 77 points, nine points ahead of its nearest rivals Fenerbahce.


   Antalya Spur, on the other hand, increased its tally to 52 points and temporarily climbed to seventh place.

Coach Abdullah Afsi's team has written a new history for the club, which has already won the league title six times, but has missed the podium since 1983.


  Trabzonspor was first crowned in the local league competition in 1975 and then dominated for another five seasons




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