Wed, May
65 Yeni Haber

Why should we remember the Armenian Genocide?


     Every year, Armenians celebrate the so-called "genocide of 1915" in Armenia and in armenian-loving countries of the world.

     Meanwhile, on April 24 each year, Azerbaijan hosts a series of events about lies and myths of "genocide on the farm," television shows, the media, etc. Of course, we are all convinced that the Armenian allegations are baseless, but we still remember what Armenians say and do.

    Well-known investigative journalist Araz Gorbanov shared his interesting views on "contradictions": "One question makes me think: Why are we evaluating major events in this direction on or on the eve of April 24? Or don't we find another time? I have said before, and I continue to say: I have the impression that on that day we will join the work of "mourning" with the Armenians, albeit involuntary, that day, recalling the so-called "non-existent" genocide. "

Yes, really, why don't we talk about false genocide and engrave it in our memory again? Do we also bribe it by writing in the media???






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