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commemoration of 12 police officers were dead in the terrorist operation of PKK attack 6 years ago in Cizre


     A commemoration ceremony was held for 12 policemen were martyred in the attack by PKK terrorists with a bomb-laden vehicle 6 years ago in the Cizre district of Şırnak: Within the 177th anniversary activities of the Turkish Police Organization, against PKK terrorists's attacks by a bomb-laden vehicle on 26 August 2016 to bomb the District Police Department, 12 policemen were martyred and 75 were injured in the District Police Department Riot Force.

Son Dakika | Cizre'de 6 yıl önce terör örgütü PKK saldırısında şehit düşen 12 polis anıldı

     A commemoration ceremony was held in the "Martyrs Monument and Park", which was built instead of the Group Headquarters building. During the ceremony, which started with a silent moment and singing the National Anthem, and praying for the martyrs after the recitation of the Holy Quran;Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan celebrated the 177th anniversary of the Turkish Police Service here.

       Stating that 12 police officers, who are on duty to establish peace and security for society, arrived at the point where they were to perform their duties early in the morning, Pehlivan said: "Twelve of our souls have been martyred as a result of the car bomb attack organized by the members of the treacherous separatist organization PKK, which means the unity and integrity of our country and the peace of our citizens 12 of our brothers and our police were martyred.

           The explosion was so large and so murderous that even people living at their homes across the river were affected!. It looks as our hearts burned!fire fell in their families's hearts, but their blood did not stay on the ground. Just as the blood of our other martyrs did not remain on the ground, neither did the blood of these brothers and heroes."

           Reminding that terrorists dug holes and set up barricades 6-7 years ago at that time, Pehlivan said: "Its when separatist terrorists organization tried to turn our cities into action points with the intention of an invasion attempt in our province, region and country, then July 15 came; our heroes took over the flag of martyrs. Our heroic members of the police, our Mehmetçi, our gendarmerie, our village guards, are still fighting against terrorism, which has been going on for 40 years. and they continue on a basis 24/7 in our region.As you can see here, the places where our martyrs died have bloomed and blossomed, just like in the whole country... We look to the future with confidence and take firm steps forward.” After the speeches, carnations were left on the monument.

Son Dakika | Cizre'de 6 yıl önce terör örgütü PKK saldırısında şehit düşen 12 polis anıldı

       The 23rd Infantry Division Commander Major General İdris Acartürk, Provincial Police Chief Cemal Dalman, Cizre District Governor and Deputy Mayor Mehmet Tunç, Chief Public Prosecutor Serdar Günay, Justice Commission President Mustafa Kemal Gökmen, District Gendarmerie Commander Okan Talay, District Police Chief Eren Öztürk, Representatives of non-governmental organizations, relatives of martyrs and veterans and citizens attended the event.






sources: Anadolu agency 

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