On March 24, 2022, during the NATO leaders' summit in Brussels, President Tayyip Erdogan met with Prime Ministers Italy and France, Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron, respectively. The trilateral cooperation on SAMP-T systems was discussed in his meetings.

Turkey, France & Italy will resume trilateral cooperation on Air Defense System. It will hold a meeting soon for this purpose, said Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the press after the meeting.

Tayyip Erdogan had a quick interview with a group of journalists during his flight from Belgium to Turkey; he said Ankara hopes to resume defense industry cooperation between the three countries robustly after the next elections in France. "There were some steps we took between Turkey and France. We have decided to continue our efforts to reconsider those steps, the Turkey-France relations, and even revive the steps we have taken as Turkey-France-Italy. I hope that we will start this new process strongly after the election,"

The trilateral air defense deal was initially started on July 14, 2017, to develop Turkey's national defense air systems and signed an agreement in early 2018 for an 18-month-long study to determine the needs and priorities for the potential joint production of an anti-ballistic missile system. The proposed plan would be a more advanced version of Eurocamp's current SAMP-T air defense systems. But unfortunately, this deal was interrupted in 2019, after Turkey's "Operation Peace Spring" into northern Syria as French PM condemned it.

Due to Macron's presence, Erdogan called out NATO for experiencing its brain's death, but now things seem resolved between France and Turkey, and Erdogan said that. 

"It was a regrettable statement. After this unfortunate statement, Macron is currently one of the leaders playing the most active role in NATO. Pretty diligent," he stated.