Don't be offended, I won't be able to answer the question in the title without reading the article to the end ... 

When the curfew was lifted due to COVID-19, we started holding video conferences.

Over the weekend, we invited an expert and talked about health, economics, foreign policy and sports.

Last Sunday, another important name, we hosted Prof Dr Pınar Okyay, Member of the Scientific Committee,  that Republic of Turkey gets her views on the coronavirus which the world was under bondage.

When we published and shared the news we made for "Pandemic Talks" jointly organized by TINGADER (All Internet Journalism and Journalists Association) and TYGD (Neutral Local Journalists Association), I received a message from Dr. Faculty Member Halil Ferat Öncel, who is Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital Deputy Chief Physician, writes like this on my phone:

“Mrs. Pinar Okyay was my university teacher. I am one of the first graduates of Adnan Menderes Medical Faculty. She was a very good person and teacher. "

On the day of the conference, we witnessed these words of Mr. Öncel.

Why do you say that?

One of the 50 teachers leading the coronavirus policy of the Republic of Turkey can turn down our invitation ...

 "We sit down with the Minister of Health, the Minister looks carefully at what we say, in such a situation she could say, 'I would not make a statement to anyone but a high-rated television or newspaper.'

She made it clear in advance that she was not a complex teacher.

In addition, the words and expressions she chose to speak on the program sounded so sincere and convincing that she reassured those who had doubts about the decisions made and implemented by the state, especially the vaccine and Covid-19. .

She did not forget to thank us, saying that we gave him the opportunity to explain to the people her struggle for public health as a "Public Health Specialist."

Thus, during the conference, we also learned the humble side of our Pinar Hodja.

Of course, she gave more detailed explanations in our program, which lasted about an hour and a half.

Decisions that are painful but people still have to comply...

Of course, she stressed that the world could not pass a good exam in this Covid-19 regard…

We asked Mrs. Pinar Okyay to find out if the members of the Scientific Council, who have been involved in the fight against the coronavirus that has plagued the world for more than a year, did not get paid for heir sacrifices.

Let's finish our article with Mrs. Okyay's answer:

"Just as we do not ask the state for any payment, we also pay for our travel to and from Ankara for the events."

Thank you Pinar Hodja, God willing ...

It is good that you are there, it is good that you have a place in making decisions about Turkey's health.