"I think it is an important period in the Georgian-Turkish relations; the recent developments in the region require immediate close coordination and reconciliation of positions on both sides," the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkaliani stated.

"A trilateral meeting was planned recently, but unfortunately, it did not occur with our Azerbaijani counterpart. I received an offer from my Turkish counterpart to make this official visit, and we had the opportunity to discuss all the main issues relevant not only in bilateral relations but also in the regional context. As you know, Turkey is an apparent supporter of Georgia, our Atlantic integration, our sovereignty, our territorial integrity. In addition, Turkey is a key strategic partner, involved in strategic projects of geopolitical importance, and is also one of the important trading partners. One of the topics we will cover is pandemic. Turkish assistance to Georgia during this period was serious. We have common challenges both in defeating the pandemic and in terms of economic rehabilitation," said David Zalkaliani.