Italian Chamber of Commerce Association President Livio Manzini, Turkey, stating that perform more than half of its foreign trade with EU member states, "During the course, the importance of trade for Turkey in Europe and revealed once again the advantage," he said.

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association President Livio Manzini said that about $ 20 billion level reached in saving development time, the trade volume between Turkey and Italy.

The trade volume in 2020, the epidemic is experiencing a dramatic decline being that expresses Manzini, "Italy in the European region for Turkey has maintained its status as the second largest commercial partner. Here it was important the contribution of the large volume of import and export transactions of international Italian companies. On the other hand, the Italian Trade and As the Association of the Chamber of Industry, our goal is to contribute to the mutual import and export of small and medium-sized companies in order to reach the potential trade volume and thus enable the entrepreneurs of the two countries to get to know each other, and thus to reach the potential volume in the medium-long term. " he spoke.

Last year in Turkey that reached nearly $ 1 billion Italian direct investment inflows voicing held in Manzini, "Verily located within the energy we can see the traditional sector in this fragile process, environmental and comes to the automotive forefront. 2021 in Italy with the return process to normalize in the second half ' We can expect a new momentum to start in the investments that may come from. " said.

Livio Manzini, Turkey, stating that perform more than half of its foreign trade with EU member states, said:

"We need the Turkish product quality / price ratio as well as logistics advantages concerned. Epidemic process, the importance of Turkey's trade towards Europe and revealed once again the advantage. Here will allow the use of its advantages in time and place with Turkey, a very open we are faced with a situation. we have observed, welcomed the rapprochement activities being initiated by the EU. the accelerating speeding up of the said rapprochement is inevitable will provide ample opportunities for Turkish exporting companies. our expectations Room, initiated the continuation accelerating this new process. Indeed, we are also our task with Turkey We are trying to contribute to the promotion of '' and Turkish products in Italy and all over the world through the network we have.

We have received our webinar schedule a trial with this purpose in the coming days will bring investment and trade advantages for Turkey. "

"We aim to compensate for the 10 percent contraction in trade volume in 2021"
Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association President Manzini, 2020 January-November period of the Italy-Turkey trade volume amounted to 14.3 billion dollars last year, nearly 13 percent said there trade volume contraction compared to 2019.

Manzini stated that they anticipate that 2020 will close with a decrease of about 10 percent with the assumption that there will be a recovery in December results, and made the following evaluations:

"For us, the first predictable goal should be to compensate for the loss of about 10 percent in 2020 this year, but this value still seems far from the 20 billion dollar target achieved in previous years. Therefore, the realistic projection is to get back the losses of 2020 in 2021. and the target for 2022 should be 20 billion dollars again.

If we look at the medium term, in other words, in the global economic structure that has entered a growth trend again, the commercial potential in bilateral relations, which we have previously stated and confirmed by the governments of both countries, is undoubtedly 30 billion dollars. In other words, there is a growth potential of around 50 percent here, which is not a figure to be underestimated. "

"We will continue to play an active role in realizing investment opportunities."
Livio Manzini noted that reaching a trade volume of $ 30 billion can only be achieved by the normalization of the commercial activities of small and medium-sized companies.

Manzini completed his words as follows:

"To this end, the Italian Chamber of Commerce Association, both in the 2021 program of Turkish products promotion as well as small-to-medium sized companies our will perform bilateral business meetings in the virtual environment has made a planning. At the same time the Turkish companies in Italy, the Italian company to double to increase their investments in Turkey We are aware of the importance of developing relationships in a sustainable way, so we continue to play an active role in the evaluation and implementation of investment opportunities.