KASSAK Commission President Kurt participated in the exhibition "The Reflection of Islamic Civilization on Art".


Workshop Head Jale Yavuz with Salih Kurt inaugurated the exhibition by cutting ribbon.

Delivering the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Nil Sarı: "It is one of the best examples of the compatibility of Islamic civilization with art, the reflection of the art of illumination and miniature on the art of Islamic civilization." He emphasized that the exhibition is a first in Turkey and in the world.

At the opening of the exhibition attended by many high-level guests, Prof.Dr. Bayram Altan from Istanbul University Assist , Prof. Dr. Haluk Alkan , Prof. Dr. Nil Sarı, and  KASSAK Commission President Salih Kurt.

 KASSAK  Commission  President Salih KURT and Prof. Dr. Bayram Altan,  held the conversation about the KASSAK Commission in a friendly atmosphere.

 The following words of Bayram Altan drew attention: "I refer to Allah (cc) those who have infiltrated us just to confuse the Commission." He said. "I heard that you sent the file to our President. I hope a good result will be obtained." wishing Prof. Dr. Bayram Altan ,"You made me happy by accepting my invitation. I was very happy to see my spiritual daughter Yasemin Kurt." said."

Meeting with his fellow countryman Nimet Değirmencioğlu at the exhibition, President Kurt had a short conversation with Him and gave an image to the press in memory of the day.


President Kurt  Giving photo session with other Attendants of Art Exhibition

Correspondent Ayesha NAZIR ,Pakistan