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Export of Turkish sweets, you can also order the ancient Hafiz Mustafa Sweets in Istanbul

Sosyal Araclar


ISTANBUL: Exports of sweets from Turkey has begun. Hafiz Mustafa Sweets, an ancient sweet shop in Istanbul, has started exporting 50 types of sweets.
Hafiz Mustafa, a 150-year-old confectioner in Istanbul, has stepped into the confectionery sector.

In 1864, Ismail Khaki Bey began making rock candy in the Fatih District of Istanbul, now known as Hafiz Mustafa Sweets. The Ongurlar family, which has been making sweets for 157 years, says there has been no compromise on quality, which is why, after 150 years, their sweets are still popular not only in Turkey but around the world.

Speaking to media, Hafiz Mustafa Sweets Company Executive Emre Ongurlar, said that not only traditional sweets are being prepared but also new innovations have been added to them with the changing times. "The family recipe for making sweets that we inherited is still being used today, He said that all kinds of sweets are prepared keeping the western and eastern traditions in mind.

Emre Ongurlar said his company serves as an ambassador to Turkey. The company still retains the Ottoman Caliphate. The uniforms of its employees are still the same old style as they were in the Ottoman Empire.

He said that the famous Colombian novelist Francisco Lille has recently written a book called "Los Secretos de Hafiz Mustafa". The book will soon be published in Turkish. In this book, the novelist has written a book about the secrets of the traditional flavors of Hafiz Mustafa's sweets.


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