What is this war in these virgin lands?
Who are these people whose peace has been coveted for centuries?
What is it, what is happening, what is being played in these lands wet with tears?
It is not known which innocent person's blood is the water of the bread you eat.

What is wanted from our childhood, from our children?
Who wants what from whom is unknown.
Who is beating these war drums?
It is not known who is crying, who is weeping.

Who is hostile to this call to prayer, to people who turn towards their Mawla?
Who covets this star in the moon, who has given life to this spring?
Oppressors and cruelties have marked this century.
Cairo, Bosnia, Srebrenica, Gaza, Myanmar, Arakan wrote history while looking for a Jew.
They are all Muslims, all innocent, all human.
Allahu ALLAH, either Islam, either reform, either faith.

President KURT