TEHRAN: Iran on Sunday dismissed Europe’s offer for an informal meeting on the troubled 2015 deal, saying the time is not "suitable" as Washington has failed to lift sanctions. Iran says that it is not the right time to negotiate a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.


The United States has expressed frustration with Iran's statement.


 A White House spokesman said the United States was ready to pursue meaningful diplomacy with Iran.


It should be noted that Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal reached between Iran and other world powers in 2018, after which Iran also announced its withdrawal from the agreement on its nuclear program. "Considering the recent positions and actions of the United States and the three European countries, (Iran) does not consider the time suitable to hold the informal meeting proposed by the European coordinator," foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement.


"There has still been no change in the US positions and behaviour yet," he added, saying the Biden administration has continued "Trump’s failed policy of maximum pressure".


Biden has signalled readiness to revive the deal, but insists Iran first return to all its nuclear commitments, most of which it suspended in response to the sanctions, while Tehran demands Washington take the first step by scrapping the sanctions.


However, the new US President Joe Biden has once again agreed to join the nuclear deal.


According to media reports, a US State Department spokesman said that the United States has accepted the invitation of the European Union to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran.