MOSCOW: Russian Ministry of Defense Sunday has announced that A Russian Mi-35 helicopter, while on patrol, made an emergency landing in Syria for technical reasons, while the life of the crew members is out of danger and are at the airfield. 

"On February 28, 2021, during a scheduled flight to patrol the territory of the province of Haseke (Syrian Arab Republic), an Mi-35 helicopter made an emergency landing for technical reasons," the military department noted.

As specified in the Ministry of Defense, the crew of the Mi-35 helicopter by the search and rescue service was promptly delivered to the airfield without threatening the lives of the pilots. According to the crew's report, there was no fire impact on the helicopter," the department added.

In the province of Hasek, a unit consisting of a Mi-8AMTSh transport helicopter and an Mi-35 attack helicopter is escorting from the air a convoy of civilian vehicles moving along the strategically important M4 highway. The Mi-8AMTSh helicopter flies at a distance of 5-10 km ahead of the convoy with a fire support group on board. He conducts aerial reconnaissance for the possible appearance of militants near the route. In turn, the attack Mi-35 covers the convoy from the rear so that no outside equipment can be attached to it.