Turkey's public housing authority (TOKİ) will launch a major housing project in the opposition-held sections of Jarabulus and al-Rai towns, where pro-Ankara opposition groups are still fighting to repel Daesh. The first part of the mega project will see 3,000 homes constructed in the sectors currently controlled by the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The project aims to help Syrian civilians to find a proper home to live in. TOKİ has also planned to build new residential units in other areas, which are expected to be liberated from Daesh.

Turkish officials will cooperate with the Syrian National Coalition's interim government and local administrations for the project which will also provide opportunity for Syrians to earn their living years after surviving as refugees in other countries. Local sources say an estimated 30,000 Syrians, internally displaced or fled abroad due to the conflict, have returned to their homes after Turkey began operation to root out Daesh.

Meanwhile, more than 80 villages in northern Syria have been liberated in the ongoing Turkey-led operation in which 5,000 opposition fighters are battling against Daesh. The Free Syria Army says the western, southern and eastern sections of al-Rai town are still scenes of fighting with Daesh. Turkey-backed moderate groups have retaken 14 villages in the recent two days during the clashes, which particularly intensified in the outskirts of the town of Soran, where FSA-linked groups attacked in two seperate directions. With the fall of these villages, FSA fighters have become one step closer to the town of Dabıq, which is strategically important for Daesh.

According to local sources, the Levant Front, an Aleppo-based opposition group fighting under the FSA umbrella, have reportedly begun works to remove land mines in sectors of Azaz town they have recently retaken from Daesh. Daesh terrorists have planted booby mines on road sides, in homes in the areas where they have withdrawn. Twenty-five FSA fighters and eight civilians have been killed when they accidentally struck the mines since the beginning of the Euphrates Shield Operation. Battling is still underway to drive Daesh out of the remaining sections of Azaz, northwest of Aleppo.