At least 25 civilians have been killed on Wednesday in fresh airstrikes conducted by Russian and Assad regime warplanes in East of Aleppo, according to Syrian Civil

Defense. The second largest city of the war-torn Syria has been facing intense airstrikes, especially in the opposition-held areas, that killed hundreds of civilians and left remaining inhabitants without water and electricity.

Babiris Meshal from the Syrian Civil Defense said that Russian jets hit civil areas in opposition-held al-Ferdos neighborhood with penetrating bombs. "The fighter jets had conducted 25 airstrikes earlier this morning,” the SCD representative said. More than 45 people were also wounded as the bombs destroyed a medical facility in the city, according to SCD.

Meshal said that Russian fighter jets have intensified their bombing in the last two days. “Russian had pounded more than 30 penetrating bombs on the area yesterday,” he added. A total of 43 people had reportedly been killed by the Russian forces on Wednesday while more than 80 others were injured in different areas of Aleppo.