For years, the German Society of Left and Green German politicians has only ever delivered enemies of the state in the form of other state presidents, when will the German politicians see that they are doing a great deal of damage to German society?

It brings German citizens to prejudice in the form of Accusations of accepting in a condescending form, such as hatred talking, hatred is fueled.
December 10th is International Human Rights Day. But we don't just have to point to China or Saudi Arabia: there are human rights violations here too - in the middle of Europe.
Greece is just one example: 7,250 people now live in Kara Tepe, the refugee camp that came into being after the fire in Moria. Here, too, conditions similar to inhumane prevail as in Moria: no proper toilets or showers, but rats. 2,400 children have to live here.

Mohammad Reza Barekzai filmed the living conditions in Kara Tepe for WDRforyou. He has lived there with his family for months. Mohammad speaks German well because he has lived in Germany for four years. He went back to Afghanistan to get his wife and son. You can find his video here: