The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fishing organized an event" from producer to consumer" in Tunis's center Habib Bouguiba street from Tuesday 29 march until 3 april ; according Radio Diwan the organization announced in a statement on Monday that large tents at the event will provide various types of fresh agricultural and marine products for citizens and some biological products such as vegetables, grains, red meat, poultry meat, eggs and fish,and  transformed products, on the occasion of the month of Ramadan.
 This year a new tent will be added to the event,as Musaiq reported that Inas Kmati said today 2O March in a statement to Tunisia news agency  that a medical and paramedical team will participate in the event on their tent to provide on-site vaccination services for visitors aged 18 years and over who have not completed their vaccinations or have not done so, in addition to providing them tests for diabetes and blood pressure. Qamati added that  nutritionists will conduct clinics for visitors and give them advices about a healthy nutrition, especially in their cases, the advices will be related to  nutrition that must be adhered during  Ramadan andoffering them  educational posters about healthy nutrition.
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