Many families were left homeless in the ruined village of Moşun in Ukraine, where the Russian Federation attacked on February 24:


 The village of Moşun, close to the city of Gostomel in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv region, has been the target of aircraft attacks by the Russian army to occupy Gostomel's airport since the first day of the conflict.

Sergey Kutsenko, who sold his house in Kiev and bought an old house in the nature-rich village of Moşun, but his new house was destroyed by Russian attacks, tolding his  story  to an Turkish gevermental journalist correspondent.

Noting that they sold their house in Kiev the last year and moved to Moşun with his wife and daughter, Kustenko said:"Last year, we sold our house in Kiev during spring and we bought an old house, We renovated the house for 6 months. We completely renovated the house. We provided heating and electricity connections,  We completed the construction of the bathroom in 23 February, now we were going to enter the house and live."

   But the Russian army changed the family's plannings...

   He added: On February 24, we were able to spend only one day completely at home as a family...We preparate a separate room for my daughter, This was her first private room in her life, but she couldn't spend time there."

Explaining that on 24 February  when the war began, Russian helicopters began to enter the region and open fire.

He describes:"They started shooting towards our village on February 25 ,Houses began to burn and explosions began to occur."

and he said that his daughter was very afraid when the attack started and his wife and her mother were also very scared. "There were terrible attacks for one day. When we realized that it was dangerous, we left the house and furniture on February 25th."

Describing:"This place was like a paradise"

Expressing that his dreams before the war were to live their as a family for the rest of his life. Kutsenko continued his words as follows:

"We were thinking of living here for the rest of our lives. There is a forest here, there is a river. We used to collect mushrooms.. Here, friends also bought a house and renovated it. Some lived for a year, some more, but now it's over."

   The family's House was destroyed by air strikes at the end of February after they left the village,they  spent all their money on this house. Now he sent his wife abroad with his daughter and he have no place to live, he have no home left and he will wait for compensation there as he affirmed'' Russia must pay me...Danger continues here,My family will not be able to come here yet; when the war is over my family can come . Now I am staying at a friend's house here."

Affirming that it is not possible to rebuild his destroyed house! .. "Instead of rebuilding this house, I will leave it as a museum, let it be a memory. Maybe I can build a new house next to it." he said



Sources:Anadolu agency