Israeli forces killed three Palestinian militants during a firefight in the occupied West part Saturday, which raises fears about violence conflicts during Ramadan: Israeli media repported that four Israeli police's members were wounded and one of them his situation is very danger ; troops were attaked during trying to arrest  militants in northern West Bank after conflicts have raised recently when a group of Palestinians killed 11 Israelis in separate attacks across the country.
Ramadan has always been a period of increased Israeli-Palestinian conflicts and every year we lose hundreds of palestinian victims also at other religious or national occasions . Live videos on social media showed a crowed of Palestinians checking the scene of clashes near the city of Jenin after that Israeli troops left , The street was covered with blood and men chanted slogans calling for revenge.
Palestine TV reported that Israeli forces taked victim's bodies!!.
In response to the recent Palestinian attacks, more Israeli forces were sent to the West Bank  recently  for increased searches, patrols and arrest raids. After Saturdays deaths,seven Palestinians were killed too during three days, tow were killed in a gunbattle on Thursday and one after he wounded an Israeli on the bus On Friday, in the same day a Palestinian was killed  in West Bank city of Hebron, during clashes after mosque prayers.
The Israeli military said that its forces shot a Palestinian who threw a firebomb at every year,hundreds of Palestinian victims were killed last days before Ramadhan's month.
Sources:Arab News
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