"Strengthening  Criminal Justice System and Increasing the Capacity of the Judiciary for  the European Convention on Human Rights" is today's project meeting held at a hotel in Sapanca by Turkish Justice Academy and Europe's council:Judges, prosecutors and faculty members  will provide reasoned decision writing training within the scope of the program.

At the same context the President of Justice Academy Muhittin Özdemir,said to Anadolu's agency that this training program is important for Turkish judiciary, minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ emphasized too the importance of justificatingjudicial decisions in every speech...Bozdağ said: "We, as the Justice Academy, are about to complete our activities related to the justification of judicial decisions that we started a year ago. We have reached the final stage and now we we are identifying a new reasoned decision template to write it in a qualified and reasoned way."
Bozdağ added : after this determination, Turkish judiciary will continue in making decisions that citizens can trust  justice and undrestand decision's reasons in accordance to law, we should believe if decision is not written with justification, it will be rejected and not understood .
So,Justification of judicial decisions realize belief in justice and respect citizens's feelings .

 Noting that Turkey is criticated about justificating it decisions to realize fair trial to the European Court of Human :" we believe that criticisms will be ended, above all, our citizens will trust justice ;There are many participants, including our Supreme Court of Appeals, criminal court presidents, prosecutors and justice academy faculty members.

All of these participants are educational ;we train as other trainers and 42 of our judges and prosecutors will be trained too in Ankara in May ."

We will start the education with a high level program that our Ministers  also will participate . we will provide training in criminal law to 1500 judges and prosecutors in writing the reasoned decision, which will be completed in about a year."_according to (AA)