During the meeting held at Antalya Belek's Tourism Center lasted for 3 days:Chairman Devlet Bahçeli and 229 mayors from MHP
evaluated mayors's performances for  last 3 years and the targets before 2024  elections ,where developments in the world , country agenda and party studies were discussed, also they presented some details and analysis about relationship between urbanization and culture, local governments and UNESCO, smart cities, perception management in municipalities, advertising strategies, public relations and campaign design, agenda management and crisis communication, municipalities' Administrative, institutional, financial and communication models for municipalities" ...

During meeting, MHP Ethics Committee President Cengiz Şahin gave informations about Law on the Establishment of the Ethics Committee of Turkey and the Repeal of Certain Laws prepared by the Board and the MHP Political Ethics Committee Regulation.

Then,slogans were displayed on the screens to emphasize  People's Alliance with Presidential Government System .-according to (AA)