According to AA agency Ramazan Özkaya,the Chairman of Central Union of Fisheries Cooperatives, evaluated  the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's decision to stop fishing between sunset and sunrise in Black Sea waters of Bulgarian-Kefken region, until a second announcement:   Ramazan emphasized that they support the decision and find it important especially that There are mines left in sea during Russia-Ukraine's War . For this risk, fishing activities are prohibited at night to save lives, properties and fishermen until further notice .

Referring to possible repercussions of this decision Özkaya added the following assessment:

"There is no shortage of fish in the stalls at the moment ,may be a slight decrease in the amount of fish and prices may also increase ; however, it helps to increase fish stocks for the next year and it  will be helpful to postpone fishermen's loan debts for 1 year"
Özkaya said that one of the healthiest food products is fish meat and affirmed that there was no health risk in fish during this hunting season, then , he reminded that  just 15 days left until the end of season.
Reffering to difficulties experienced by fishermen, Özkaya said:"Increasing of costs have adversely affected fishing and despite everything, our fishermen have worked hard to provide fish on stalls,now, we can say that this season ended early. Last year, Our fishermen have faced large loans , and we think that postponing debts for a year will be very beneficial for the sector."

The chairman emphasized that Russia-Ukraine's War didn't add any benefits and hoped that war ends as soon as possible because it affects the agriculture on the whole world .

Rumeli Feneri Fisheries Cooperative President Sert: ''We respect the decision taken''
.. also told (AA) that he supports the decision to restrict night fishing bacause saving lives is a priority.
added:"It will of course affect fishing, but the season has already come to an end, if necessary, it may be prohibited during the daytime and we respect the decision taken and hope no one gets hurt."

Fisherman Talat Yer also explained that he has been in the seas for 40 years and working in the maritime sector for 27 years that he knows fishing risks during dangerous conditions and that decision is very important .
Serkan Kesici pointed out the risks related to vessels and employees before cleaning water seas : "We saw a mine on this beach when we were kids"
Vehbi Girit, who retired after more than fifty years of sailing, also said that after the Second World War, they found mines.

Girit: mines came to the place where Kilyos's rocks , hiting the rocks and digging big ditches, we saw it and we didn't know there was a mine, we tried to clear its head. And later, they took it from there. "