ALMATY: A military plane has made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan, raising concerns about the lives of six people on board. According to Russian media reports, a Soviet-made AN-26 military transport plane crashed at the airport in Almaty, Kazakhstan, after which the plane caught fire. As soon as the plane landed, rescue teams at the airport began extinguishing the fire. There were reports of six people on board. According to reports, two persons have been shifted to the hospital in critical condition while details regarding the remaining four have not been revealed but it is feared that these four persons have died. The plane was en route from the capital, Noor Sultan, to Almaty. It is not clear if the plane malfunctioned during the flight or if it crashed during landing. The AN-26 military transport aircraft has a seating capacity of 5 crew members and 40 people. It consists of two turboprop engines and weighs up to 15 tons. Russian and Kazakh forces use the planes to transport troops.