Commemoration of Turkish diplomats who met in Washingtonas reaction to Armenian allegations:
    Hundreds of people from various states, especially Washington, New York and New Jersey, gathered in front of Turkey's Washington Embassy Residence for the "Commemoration of the Martyrs and Solidarity" event, showed their support for Turkey's justified theses and their reactions to the Armenian allegations. .
    In the organization that symbolize the Turkish community together under the coordination of the Turkish-American National Steering Committee (TASC) and started with the National Anthem, the crowd carrying Turkish and Azerbaijani flags chanted slogans in favor of Turkey and Azerbaijan.
   Reacting to the US administration about not using the Armenian claims as a political tool, the group expressed their discomfort with the distortion of historical events.
The members of the group emphasized that they both rejected the Armenian allegations and supported the recent Ankara-Yerevan diplomacy by putting up posters with the words "History cannot be judged by politics", "We reject the Armenian lies" and "We support the Turkey-Armenia regional solution process".
Sources:Anadolu agency