Condolences and peace to Azerbaijan's souls throughout history on the occasion of taking a step towards peace and security for Azerbaijani population after this week meeting:

Azerbaijan's October dark nights may end this decade

Sometimes issues are related to humanity only، ignoring ethnic, cultural and political differences, despite belief an universals law ,we will not talk about the special identity of Azerbaijani society, humanity does not need a special identity.. The war story shared by all Azerbaijan's generations, we pray to stop at the next generation:A hot October day, then the night comes cold, the forest is nearby ,only breathing's sound can be heared at karabakh forests, no one wants to talk or look , you won't think since today do you prefer green or red grapes, or about boring school days,the annoying alarm sound..why It's important! You just want to stay awake and forget ..

you don't want to back.. however, if you come back you won't find anyone waiting for you, your mother won't be there nor your wife, just men in dark suits waiting for you ;as for the rest , they witnessed the cruel Karabakh massacre...

       In fact, 5000 Azerbaijanis have died since the siege in 1992, and some of them died of cold and starvation, others were killed. According to the investigations conducted by the Azerbaijani government and the testimonies of 2,000 survivors, the Armenian forces tortured and burned the prisoners alive, in addition to slaughtering people, peeling their heads, cutting off their ears, cutting their noses, mutilating their genitals, and also gouging out their eyes, along with mass killings...

Many countries have faced crimes during history, but they were not experienced the smell of roasting skin,ever imagined how would they look without nose, wait, why would someone imagine it , it is not reasonable to happen, but it actually happened..a peaceful ending is possible,but they can't ignore the bloody memories .

With the intensity of conflict between the Azerbaijani army and its Armenian counterpart in the Nagorno-Karabakh region occupied by Armenia, clashes brought to mind the Khojaly massacre, which is considered the bloodiest incident in the history of the conflict between the two countries, when Armenian forces occupied the small town that known by the name of the massacre and killed more than 600 civilians Azerbaijani.

' They broke my fingers, pulled out my nails, and burned my hands'.. Faleh Huseynov, a survivor of the Khojaly massacre, managed to escape from the Armenian forces after 27 days of suffering according to the Turkish Anatolia news agency. Huseynov, 52 years old,lost his wife in the attack, "People, men, women and children began to flee into the forests near the town, but the Armenian forces shoot at us. Many civilians, including my wife, died, and the survivors were arrested. Hasanov pointed out that during the exchange of prisoners, his color was black and blue and he could hardly stand due to the beatings, while the Armenian prisoners who were released were in good condition.

Is this the end?

Tow days ago,Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed to start peace negotiations that would put an end to the conflict between the two countries over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which witnessed two years ago a fierce war, the second in 30 years. In a statement issued yesterday evening, Wednesday, European Council President Charles Michel announced that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan agreed to start a concrete process and form a joint working group to prepare a possible peace agreement between their countries. In the same statement issued after the tripartite meeting, the Armenian Prime Minister announced that his country is ready to start negotiations to reach a comprehensive peace agreement as soon as possible. All Azerbaijani's lovers pray for peace ,forgetting dark memories and pain, at the same time we should believe that justice is an universal law will not be ignored.