Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, regarding if the regions under the control of the Russian army in the south of Ukraine will join Russia or not, "The Ukrainian people will determine their own destiny" :
Lavrov answered journalists' questions at a joint press conference after meeting with Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Mohamed Saleh in Moscow, that some regions in the south of Ukraine including the Kherson region now are under control of Russian Armed Forces"Can we talk about the new map shape of Russia, including these places in the south of Ukraine?" Answering the question for form, Lavrov said that the "special military operation" was carried out for the protection of the civilian population.
Describing that civilians in Ukraine are harmed by militarism and neo-Nazism in their own country, and that the Ukrainian administration is attempting to destroy the Russian culture and language, He added: "Of course, people are under such totalitarian pressure,it is necessary to put the mood of these people first. When we announced the special military operation, we started from this: Ukrainians will decide their own destiny,They must decide, not others. Ukraine has been under foreign control for many years, people are tired there" .
Sources:Anadolu agency