Kyrgyzstan's new President Sadar Caparov, "from today our relations with Turkey and on to the next level, it will make a stronger effort to move." found in the description.

Sadır Caparov, who won the presidential election in Kyrgyzstan, thanked the voters at the press conference held in the capital Bishkek.

Stating that corruption has taken root in every field in the last 30 years, Caparov emphasized that everyone should support the state by putting their hands under their stone in the fight against corruption.

"We will stay away from political pressure"
Noting that the elector has appointed him to fight corruption, Caparov said, "We will not make the mistakes of the old governments. We will stay away from political pressure. We will not tolerate those who violate the rule of law." said.

"I will take Kyrgyzstan out of the economic crisis in 3-4 years"
Stating that 1-2 years is not enough to solve the problems in the country, Caparov said, "If political stability is achieved, I will remove Kyrgyzstan from the economic crisis in 3-4 years." he spoke.

Caparov said that he does not have a feeling of hatred and hatred against the presidential candidates who are in the election race and those who carry out smear campaigns against him, and underlined that his aim is to develop his country and to provide unity and solidarity.

"We will make our relations with Turkey more powerful than today"
Caparov, a question about the expectations in relations with Turkey, "from today our relations with Turkey will endeavor to move to the next level and to make more powerful." he replied.

Received 79.18 percent of the votes
Chairman of the Kyrgyzstan Central Election and Referendum Commission Nurjan Şaildabekova announced that Sadır Caparov, who received 79.18 percent of the votes, according to uncertain results, won the presidential election.

Caparov was appointed prime minister following the protests held after the parliamentary elections in the country on October 4, 2020.