Coronavirus, pandemic, covid ... We went through a very difficult time. How to prevent this disaster, which took the lives of many people. How to get back to normal life? I present to the readers an interview with the doctor Elnara khanum Osmanova, who shared her opinion on these and other issues with the readers.

- Elnara khanum, can you first say a few words about how you came to the profession of a doctor?

-First of all, I also want to thank you for presenting my statements and wishes to the readers. Being a doctor, guarding the health of people is an honorable profession. While still in high school, I set myself the goal of mastering this glorious profession, becoming a doctor. In 2002, I achieved this dream: I entered the Azerbaijan Medical University at the faculty of "General Medicine", and in 2008, after graduating from the university, I started working as a therapist. From that day to this day I have been working as a therapist.

Elnara khanum, did the knowledge gained at the university or the experience of working as a therapist play a big role in your becoming a doctor?

Of course, theoretical knowledge is the basis of any profession, and now, as a doctor, I am indebted to lectures and practical experiences of teachers. In the early days when I started working, I faced certain difficulties, and this is a natural process. But I was never discouraged and constantly worked on myself, went to additional courses and improved my knowledge. So, in 2012-16 I was a student of many important courses and tried to further improve my professionalism.

My question will concern the disaster of the coronavirus, which has recently swept across the whole world, as well as Azerbaijan. What do you think is going on? That is, this disease is so dangerous, so aggressive that medicine is powerless against it? People live in fear and panic. Is there really no way out?

Yes, as you noted, in recent years, the world has been gripped by such a disaster as the scourge of the coronavirus, and this disaster has not spared Azerbaijan either. People are infected with this virus, and unfortunately, although various precautions are taken, our people die from this disease. True, our state has done a lot of work in this area, most of the population has been vaccinated, additional hospitals have been created for treatment. Yet our people are dying. First of all, I want to say that there is no need to be afraid of this virus. I noticed that from the moment the disease appeared to this day, various gloomy forecasts have been given in the world press, including in Azerbaijan. They inform the population about the deaths of the virus, the dangers associated with the emergence of new strains. As a result, the population panics, believing that the disease is incurable. You cannot distribute such information in the press, on social networks. I would like to go beyond the topic and touch on the names of hospitals. It would be correct to call hospitals, clinics "hotbeds of health", "health centers", as in Turkey. If I am not mistaken, in the film “Stepmother” the place where Dilara Aliyeva worked is not called a “hospital”. The word "hospital" itself causes panic, fear. People get the impression that the hospital is some last point. That is, building trust in people should start with such beautiful-sounding names as "Health Center", "Health Center", "Health Clinic".  

-Elnara khanum, as a doctor, you are in contact with patients infected with covid. Can you explain how risky this contact is for the doctor? Is there a certain limit of behavior, actions in relations between doctors and patients who have become infected?

It's not like that at all. Although doctors are at high risk, caring for the patient is a professional and human duty. Have you ever heard that some doctor refused to examine a patient. From the beginning of the pandemic to this day, many of our doctors have died. I would call these doctors selfless, even martyrs. They were not afraid of any risk, even sacrificed their lives for the sake of the patients' recovery. God have mercy on our such selfless doctors. As for the relationship between the doctor and the patient, I want to note that the patient must believe in the doctor, in himself. Hippocrates said that “the patient must fight the disease together with the doctor.” If there is no mutual trust between the patient and the doctor, then the most effective treatment will not be beneficial. had a negative impact on his psyche. Because the human body is such a complex system that the slightest wrong signal changes the response of our body organs, the body does not accept even the most effective treatment and, in short, rejects it. Again, I want to give an example of the great Hippocrates. He said: "the doctor heals the disease, and nature heals." Yes, in our body there are such complex elements that the body is able to fight any disease, as they say, the body heals itself. This is due to the patient's self-confidence. This confidence must also be created by the physician.

-Elnara khanum, thank you for the interesting conversation and in conclusion I would like to know your wishes to our readers.

First of all, I wish that not a single citizen of ours was admitted to hospitals or doctors. Historically, there were different diseases at different times, and over time, medicines were found that could prevent these diseases, vaccines were created. In the modern period, great advances have been made in the field of medicine, and the treatment of diseases that were once considered incurable have now become very affordable for treatment. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of any disease. You have to trust the doctor and receive the prescribed treatment. And I wish you, all readers, good health and success in your work.